Deep Vision And Blue Bear Partner On ASUR Project

Blackstart Fixed Wing UAV
Blue Bear Systems Research Ltd (UK) and Deep Vision Inc (Canada) have teamed up to deliver the Autonomous Systems Underpinning Research (ASUR) programme funded Enhanced Awareness and Forward Operating Capability (EA FOCUS) for Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) project sponsored by Dstl. Using Blue Bear's UAS expertise and knowledge and Deep Vision's sensor exploitation expertise, this project aims to demonstrate efficient target handover between multi-layer UAS.

This work will demonstrate the automation of a process to build the day 0 picture from a higher level UAS (in this case identify a target) and hand over this target to a low level UAS (such as a Nano-UAS) whilst maintaining mission tempo. Ancillary benefit of this project is a methodology to limit bandwidth through communication of mission specific information rather than constant (high volume) data links.
The approach taken helps to promote target tracking and covert operations, whilst enabling rapid information transfer (autonomously) between assets and manned ground stations. The architecture is scalable and transferable to in-service UAS platforms.

About Deep Vision

Deep Vision develops intelligent, real-time, sensor exploitation and machine perception solutions for the Aerospace & Defence industry. We deliver world class capabilities in autonomous systems, robotics, and C4ISTAR. Deep Vision's unique technology enables automated target recognition, tracking, and passive ranging in complex, cluttered environments - independent of sensor motion and at blazing speed.

About Blue Bear Systems Research

Blue Bear Systems Research is a leading proven supplier of innovative research and product based solutions in the field of unmanned flight, avionics, and sensor payloads. We deliver efficient solutions and professional services in support of military and civil markets worldwide, with unmatched pace, agility, passion and innovation. Our track record has won us a prime position in the domain of UAV development in the UK and Europe.

About ASUR

Autonomous Systems Underpinning Research (ASUR) is a Dstl programme which aims to develop an underpinning science and technology base to facilitate the research, development, production, deployment and operational use of intelligent unmanned systems by UK Armed Forces.