Maritime SAR Joint Venture Between Deep Vision And Vision Air

Deep Vision and Vision Air Services have entered into a joint venture to develop an advanced Maritime Search and Rescue (SAR) capability.

Four Fishermen Are Rescued After Their Boat Sinks.
The demanding Maritime Search and Rescue (SAR) environment requires immediate access to information to facilitate timely rescues. Whether it is searching for debris from a lost ship, locating a lifeboat, or person in distress, the need for information is high.

Survival time in the Atlantic Ocean, before death by immersion (ie. drowning or hypothermia), rarely exceeds 12 hours even in the best of circumstances. Time is of the essence.

Deep Vision's technology provides the means to automatically locate and track objects of interest in the oceans and lakes utilising a camera system mounted on a helicopter.

Vision Air's Helicopter Platform With Vision Cam.
The partnership between Deep Vision and Vision Air involves the integration of Deep Vision's maritime detection capabilities with Vision Air's helicopter platform and Vision Cam. The purpose of this integration is to produce a proof-of-concept demonstrator that will allow a helicopter operator performing maritime SAR operations to receive early notification of objects on the water surface.

The system will be designed, in conjunction with Vision Air, to allow detection of objects at or near the horizon for the earliest indication of cues to assist with a rescue operation.

The technology developed under this project will initially be positioned as an assistive tool for the helicopter pilot. When objects are detected by Deep Vision's software using the Vision Cam, a visual and, if practical, auditory alert will indicate that an object has been spotted, where it is, and where it's heading, allowing search patterns to be modified in flight to increase the likelihood of a successful rescue operation.

About Deep Vision

Based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, Deep Vision Inc. develops intelligent, real-time, sensor exploitation and machine perception solutions for the Aerospace & Defence industry. We deliver world class capabilities in autonomous systems, robotics, and C4ISTAR. Deep Vision's unique technology enables automated target recognition, tracking, and passive ranging in complex, cluttered environments - independent of sensor motion and at blazing speed.

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