Maritime Situational Awareness

Deep Vision's MSAT is a passive electro optical maritime situational awareness system designed for the 24 hour, detection, acquisition, tracking, identification and engagement of naval surface targets in harsh maritime environments through the use of visible and thermal sensors with passive target range indication.
Technology Highlights
  • Wide area detection capability including on horizon detection and tracking.
  • Continuous and accurate tracking of all objects.
  • Support for platform feedback control to maintain a lock on a moving object.
  • Report GPS location of all objects.
  • Real-time object detection, recognition and tracking.
  • Passive Target Range Indication
  Technology Details
  • Platform: Designed for integration into UAVs, USVs, targeting systems, manned helicopters and vessels and harbour monitoring systems.
  • Sensor: Daylight and Infrared camera support.
  • Environment: Designed for harsh maritime environment.

Aerial detection of surface-level vessels near-surface aircraft. Detection of surface-level vessels in rain and dense fog. On horizon detection of surface-level vessels.