Person Tracking

Deep Vision's technology provides robust, adaptable, real-time person tracking.

With and without prior knowledge of the person, or their characteristics, Deep Vision's people tracking technology delivers a highly robust, real-time target locking solution.

Technology Highlights
  • Automatic or operator designated target detection
  • Continuous and accurate tracking of the target
  • Passive target range indication
  • Moving target moving platform
Technology Details
  • Platform: Aerial and Land domains
  • Sensor: 24/7 Daylight and Thermal camera support.
  • Environment: Designed for diverse urban and rural environments.


An evading human target being chased down in the woods. Real-time tracking in a cluttered natural environment with chaotic sensor motion. The target moves unpredictably through a wooded area, leaving and entering the field of view. The target is continuously reacquired as it re-enters, even when it is partially obscured and only visible for a fraction of a second. This video was recorded using legacy interlacing - very noisy.

Another evading human target being chased down in the woods but this time recorded using progressive scan. Note how extreme sensor motion, changes in perspective and scale and wildly unpredictable behaviour of the target, including obsfucation to the point of loss, has little affect, if any, on tracking capability.

Designation and tracking of a human target. The target is tracked whilst the camera experiences high degrees of motion. The tracking is independent of target/platform motion, scale/pose of the target, in addition to changing target/background composition and dynamic reacquisition.

The operator designates a target at runtime and that target is tracked within the field of view, independent of target/platform motion, target scale/pose, and target/background composition. Note the extent of camouflage and track persistence through loss of focus.