Deep Vision's CEO To Present At H2O Conference

Alan Parslow will be a panellist on the session Autonomous Vehicles : A Platform for Innovation at the H2O conference. The conference takes place Thurs June 7 at the DoubleTree, Dartmouth.

Autonomous Vehicles : A Platform for Innovation

Moderator: Kes Morton, President and CEO, Pisces Research Project Management
Presenters: Alan Parslow, CEO, Deep Vision; Justin Manley, Just Innovation; Karl Kenny, CEO, Kraken Robotics; Sue L’Orsa, Wave Glider Technician, MEOPAR; and Jeff Smith, President, Riptide Autonomous Solutions.

Autonomous vehicles in the ocean provide well known benefits for the owners, but also an opportunity for the ocean community to innovate. The advantages of autonomous vehicles over manned vessels are well known – they are less expensive, safer, can go farther. However, not everyone owns an ocean-going autonomous vehicle (yet) and like manned vessels, autonomous vehicles can often accomplish multiple purposes in a single mission, bringing people, sectors and industries together. At the same time there is an ever-growing demand for increased ocean data which is driving innovation of autonomous vehicle integrated devices. The result is the ocean community collaborating to meet this need, often through shared use. This panel will present specific examples of autonomous vehicles nucleating partnerships and innovation, followed by an open discussion on how the ocean community can capitalize on this opportunity.