S360 Mk2 - LAURUS Coming To Canada Soon

Deep Vision is pleased to announce that Hanseatic Aviation Solutions'(HAS) new fixed-wing drone S360 Mk2 - LAURUS is almost “ready for take off”. Based on the proven design of S360 the new S360Mk.II is characterized by various optimizations. The most important innovations are: More space in the fuselage for sensors and/or fuel (up to 7 hours flight duration) better access to the integrated sub systems, better equipped to fly in rain and wind (Beaufort Scale 7) and dusty environments. The S360Mk.II will be equipped with an optional with ADS-B transponder and onboard power generator.

The multiple payload concept, the outstanding flight performance from S360 and the capability for customization are preserved. The first three systems are in final assembly and will be available soon. Deep Vision is the exclusive distributor for Hanseatic Aviation Solutions' offerings in Canada. Contact us to find out more about the power and features of the new S360 Mk2 - LAURUS.